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In order for us to reach our common goal as quickly as possible, we depend on your donation. Please donate now, share the explanatory video via your social networks and become an official German Alliance member today!


1st target
A plot of land
for 600 families


Donate via SMS

RFN Donate SMS

Just write an SMS to the phone number 81190 with RFN5 for a donation of 5.00 Euro or RFN10 for 10.00 Euro.

Note: SMS donation only valid in Germany! After sending the SMS you will immediately receive a Thank You message. If you get none, the donation has failed. This means that your mobile service provider prevents donations. In this case please contact your mobile service provider.

Donate via your bank

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are our declared goal. The more people see the explanatory video, the faster we can reach our common goal. Therefore, please share the explanatory video via your social networks.