Balkan route

On September 12, 2015, we undertook our first aid transport to Röszke (Hungary). As soon as we were back from Röszke, bad news came from Salzburg - and we drove there. There was not much time to reflect: Immediately afterwards, our third aid transport to Croatia followed. Calls for help were constantly received - and usually it did not even take 72 hours until we had donations in kind and money, hired trucks and a group of helpers and drove off. No question: We had earned us a reputation as a fast troop. Meanwhile, we have successfully completed over 18 aid transports on the Balkan route.

  1. Hungary/Röszke
  2. Austria/Salzburg
  3. Croatia/Bapska
  4. Serbia/Presevo
  5. Austria/Wegscheid
  6. Austria/Wegscheid
  7. Austria/Wegscheid
  8. Serbia/Presevo
  9. Austria/Wegscheid
  10. Italy/Trieste
  11. Slovenia/Dobova/Brezice
  12. Greece/Idomeni
  13. Macedonia/Gevgelija
  14. Greece/Athens
  15. Italy/Pordenone/Trieste/Venice
  16. Serbia/Presevo
  17. Serbia/Horgos
  18. Serbia/Horgos