Solidarity between non-profit associations

Solidarity between non-profit associations

We at German Alliance for Civilian Assistance e.V. call on all other non-profit associations to team up with us. Let us join forces! - Anyone of you who does not want to powerlessly watch the inhumane developments in Africa, Greece, Lebanon, Turkey, or on the Balkan route... Anyone of you who in his relief project despite great ideas feels like Don Quixote and would much prefer to address the causes of the deadlocked situation... Now you have the opportunity of showing the world community and all politicians how the situation can be resolved in a more humane, less expensive, more effective and more dignified way!

Become a part of RFN!

Take over responsibility for a small part of the village. E.g. you can take over a school, a kindergarten or a playground. Either you can do your own fundraising or you can use our campaign tool and collect the required donations in your name. Then you have the choice:

a) We realize the selected project with the donations collected by you and present the name of your association on a role of honor at a suitable place


b) you realize the selected project financed by yourself on your own under the direction of the construction management and operate it accordingly.

No matter what you choose, the main thing is to make the first RFN village become reality together with you!

Here you can see which options you have.

Interest aroused? Then we look forward to your application.