Human dignity is inviolable.

Article 1 of the Basic Constitutional Law for the Federal Republic of Germany


Our vision

RFN villages with ecological water management and supplied with renewable energy provide people with secure jobs, education and health care. - A life of dignity with a perspective, right where things are happening.


The mission

RFN = Rebuild the Future Now!

RFN Village

RFN village

We will build a model RFN village where people can safely organize their lives on their own with dignity and a perspective. The first RFN village will be realized in Turkey. We have already received commitments from the Turkish authorities.

RFN Family


In total, up to 3,000 people will be given a future in the RFN village. That includes 1,800 minors, 600 women and 600 men. Safe housing, education, health and work are the key elements.

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In each family, at least one adult will receive fair wages with full social insurance to provide for himself and for his family on his own. Helping people to help themselves is the basic approach of RFN. Our humanitarian and equitable response to causes of flight.


Particularities of the RFN concept 

RFN Sustainability

RFN: Sustainability in terms of humanitarianism, energy and the environment

Renewable energies, environmentally friendly sewage treatment plants, waste recycling and permaculture agriculture contribute to infrastructural sustainability. With education, integration and work, we furthermore create a viable and well-equipped society that can take care of itself. I want to know more about it >>

RFN workshop

RFN workshop

Every adult visiting fellow citizen first goes through a professional workshop to learn to do a job safely and professionally. This workshop marks the entry into professional life.

RFN vocational school

After the workshop, the RFN vocational school offers the opportunity of qualifying. Subsequently, the newly qualified master receives a certificate of competence by the German technical control board TÜV in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024, which will open up a large number of future work opportunities outside the RFN framework. I want to know more about it >>

RFN work

RFN work

At least one adult per family will be employed in the RFN industrial center by a company at full socially insured wages and be paid the regular minimum wages (or more), which in 2018 amount to about 1.679,23 TL (Turkish Lira) net. I want to know more about it >>

“Effective against causes of flight and traffickers, for dignity and a perspective - our package solution is: 
Rebuild the Future Now!”
— Zafer Ertem
RFN reconstruction program

RFN reconstruction program

RFN visiting fellow citizens are trained as reconstruction experts. In the RFN village, the visiting fellow citizens learn how to independently build complete residential containers and connect them to the infrastructure. For a long time, there has been an urgent need for thousands of residential containers and experts in this field. A win-win situation and a good opportunity to work hand in hand in order to expedite reconstruction. I want to know more about it >>


RFN DALE: Controlled, legal entry into the EU

Uncontrolled immigration puts all of Europe under pressure and promotes the strengthening of right-wing populists. The RFN-DALE (Database Application for Legal Entry) system provides an opportunity of entering Europe in a controlled and legal manner. I want to know more about it >>

RFN Dale
Actually, we do not help strangers who got into a difficult situation, but we help ourselves. By giving them dignity and a basis of existence, we gain respect for ourselves and actively model our common future.
— Zafer Ertem
RFN Costs

RFN costs

We expect a non-recurrent cost of about 3,500 to 4,000 Euros per person. That sounds like a lot, but when you consider that one refugee alone arriving in Germany brings about costs of at least 25,842 Euros - and that per year only for integration and basic care - these figures appear in an entirely different light! However, in addition to governmental subsidies, we need donations from business and private individuals in order to tackle the project. Let's act in concert and show the world community how to run things in a better way! I want to know more about it >>

Do not fight what we hate but save what we love
— Star Wars
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Support our Vision

In order for us to reach our common goal as quickly as possible, we depend on your donation. Please donate now, share the explanatory video via your social networks and become an official German Alliance member today!


1st target
A plot of land
for 600 families


Donate via SMS

RFN Donate SMS

Just write an SMS to the phone number 81190 with RFN5 for a donation of 5.00 Euro or RFN10 for 10.00 Euro.

Note: SMS donation only valid in Germany! After sending the SMS you will immediately receive a Thank You message. If you get none, the donation has failed. This means that your mobile service provider prevents donations. In this case please contact your mobile service provider.

Donate via your bank

RFN Donate


are our declared goal. The more people see the explanatory video, the faster we can reach our common goal. Therefore, please share the explanatory video via your social networks.


Become part of the project

RFN Company

As a company ...

Do you want to operate in an ethical and fair manner while increasing your earnings at the same time? Then you are in good hands here! If you move your production or part of it into our RFN village industrial center, we offer you some special privileges. You can find out which ones here >>

Help as NGO

As an association ...

If you are charitable and share our vision, then you are exactly right. Let us become allies! Together we can create sustainable facts instead of helplessly tilting at windmills. RFN should also become a part of you, for example if you take over and manage a part of the project. Here you can find out more >>

RFN Expert

As an expert ...

for example, architect, civil engineer, environmental engineer, urban planner, infrastructure expert, IT technician, scientific assistant, sociologist, philanthropist, energy expert, water manager, geologist... Wouldn't it be nice to leave your handwriting on the RFN project? Please apply here >>

RFN Volunteer

As a volunteer ...

you can either join the office here for realizing our common vision, or you can be assisting in the building and coordination processes locally, provided we have already begun. Please apply here >>

RFN Ambassador

As an ambassador ...

you will be equipped by us with marketing materials and know-how. You will be officially representing our common RFN village project in public and ensuring that as many people as possible come to know of it and support us. Please apply here >>