RFN sustainability

The refugees arrive at the RFN village and become visiting fellow citizens from day one. We want to specifically avoid the term "refugee" and meet people on an equal footing (same rights and obligations as the citizens of the recipient nation). They will be offered encouragement and challenges right from the first day. Education, integration and work are fundamental components of RFN. The newcomers live in safe houses, receive solid training, health care and work, for which they receive fully socially insured fair minimum wages. After a short while, people will start to take charge of their lives themselves.

But RFN is also a unique village in terms of environmental protection: Each house is provided in a self-sufficient manner with renewable energy; environmentally friendly sewage treatment plants clean the water with all possible care; waste is separated and recycled; permaculture systems are operated. RFN also orients itself towards the parameters of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. - It can also be said that RFN is a qualification village, because at the end of two years, its residents have a higher education, a certified profession, and speak the language of the recipient nation. - They will be able to remodel their lives anywhere in a self-determined fashion.

An effective remedy against flight and traffickers, because it deprives them of their business foundation.