What: Vocational school

Where: RFN village Turkey

Size: 100 - 250 m²

Costs: -

Fundraiser: Not yet found

Campaign: Start a campaign here

Status quo: At this time, we are still talking to several innovative construction companies. There are basically two types of construction methods. The classic construction method with bricks, wood and concrete, or prefabricated houses manufactured in a factory. We will select such houses that are available fastest and more economically priced. As soon as the partner is established with whom we will go this way, you will learn more about it here.

RFN Work


Every adult visiting fellow citizen first goes through a workshop to learn to do his future job safely. What kind of workshop that will be depends on the future employer. Currently we are in discussion with a metal construction company that would hire up to 400 visiting fellow citizens as welders and metalworkers. The workshop will be designed accordingly and therefore serves to integrate the visiting fellow citizens quickly and easily into their work so that they can feed their families independently. The workshop thus quick-starts them into professional life.

RFN Vacational school

Vocational school & qualification

After the workshop and learning how to do his job safely, the aspirant attends the RFN vocational school to obtain a private or State-approved degree. Subsequently, the newly-qualified journeyman or master will receive a certificate of competence by the technical control board TÜV in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024. These two documents open up new job opportunities outside RFN at even better terms. Even if he/she goes back home, he/she can build up something independently.