What: Employer (company)

Where: RFN village Turkey

Branch of industry: Various

Interested in joining us as an employer? Please contact us without obligation.

Status quo: We are looking for companies that want to operate a production facility in our RFN village as employers.

RFN Work


This is the key factor. No perspective without work. As simple as that. Therefore, companies that offer jobs in the RFN industrial zone are the main vehicle. Our goal is to provide 1,200 visiting fellow citizen with secure full employment. Everyone will be paid at least the regular minimum wages, which are currently about 1,500 TL (Turkish Lira) net. We can tell from experience that the visiting fellow citizens are highly motivated to learn and work diligently. We have repeatedly seen and experienced this in our work with the refugees.

Incidentally: As an investor/employer, you receive a large number of subsidies as well as lucrative tax and social security benefits. Find out more here.