Our vision

RFN villages with ecological water management and supplied with renewable energy provide people with secure jobs, education and health care. - A life of dignity with a perspective, right where things are happening.


The mission

RFN = Rebuild the Future Now!

RFN Village

RFN village

We will build a model RFN village where people can safely organize their lives on their own with dignity and a perspective. The first RFN village will be realized in Turkey. We have already received commitments from the Turkish authorities.

RFN Family


In total, up to 3,000 people will be given a future in the RFN village. That includes 1,800 minors, 600 women and 600 men. Safe housing, education, health and work are the key elements.

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In each family, at least one adult will receive fair wages with full social insurance to provide for himself and for his family on his own. Helping people to help themselves is the basic approach of RFN. Our humanitarian and equitable response to causes of flight.