RFN Dale

RFN DALE: Controlled, legal entry into the EU

Uncontrolled immigration puts all of Europe under pressure and promotes the strengthening of right-wing ideas.

The RFN-DALE (Database Application for Legal Entry) system provides an opportunity of entering Europe in a controlled and legal manner. The recipient nation is given enough time to prepare. The procedure is non-binding for either side and takes place without time pressure: Nobody has to travel; nobody has to accommodate anybody. Visiting fellow citizen and recipient nation can each apply proactively. Only when both sides agree, a commitment comes about. From then on, we will start an integration course for the respective country for the visiting fellow citizens, so that they already know the basics of the language on arrival and are familiar with culture and system.

RFN Dale



A special challenge, because RFN-DALE should offer reliable data protection, usability and functionality at the same time.

If you want to be part of the RFN IT team, you not only have to be an idealist, but you also have to be well versed in IT and already have good ideas up your sleeve. If this applies to you, we look forward to your application!