The fact that a country has to be rebuilt after its destruction should be clear to everyone. Only a few are thinking about the time "after". Financing is not the problem, but three much more important factors play a role:

1st) Experts working in crisis regions
2nd) Experts having adequate qualification
3rd) Suppliers delivering raw material

In most cases, manufacturers finding themselves in such a situation will be overwhelmed by the huge demand, and at the same time feel uneasy because of the poor security situation. They therefore generally charge higher prices than what is common in the market. These circumstances have prompted us to start an RFN reconstruction program. We engage experts to train selected visiting fellow citizens to become local reconstruction experts. Here, among others, our German THW (agency for technical relief) may serve as a role model. In addition, we bring manufacturers and raw material suppliers aboard to instruct our experts in the field of construction. As a result, our visiting fellow citizens will be able to restore the infrastructure as experts and build safe housing units very quickly. - This motivates the people to return to their homeland and take care of it. We are specifically looking for a dialogue with UNHCR in order to initiate concrete reconstruction assistance in cooperation with Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa.