Integration or - in other words - participation in society

Meanwhile, the refugees have been living in Turkey for over seven years, and most of them cannot speak Turkish so far. Among other things, this makes access to health care and social participation difficult for them. - Therefore, the integration course is obligatory for all visiting fellow citizen in the RFN program. There, in addition to the language, knowledge about the culture and the political system is imparted.

RFN DALE - Preparatory integration

Some visiting fellow citizens will apply for going to another country via the RFN DALE system. As soon as an agreement is reached between visiting fellow citizens and the destination country, we will start an RFN DALE integration course. As an example: When a family has reached an agreement with Denmark, we will start with an integration course for life in Denmark. In addition to the Danish language and culture, knowledge about the Danish system and many other helpful information will be provided in the course of this, in order to prepare in the best possible way for the new homeland.