Invest in the future & fairness

Invest in the future & fairness

Build a production line in the RFN industrial center. There are many reasons why you should invest in the RFN village in Turkey now: apart from best economic efficiency, a lot of room for innovation, profitable subsidies and governmental grants, you meet all the criteria of fairness and positively change the future.

Economic efficiency

  1. Favorable taxes
  2. Partial or full exemption from corporate tax
  3. Low wage costs and wage incidentals
  4. Part of employers' share of social contributions paid by the Turkish State
  5. Bureaucratic tasks handled by specially trained experts
  6. Grant of investor's loans at particularly low interest rates
  7. Further incentives for power suppliers or technological enterprises
  8. Much freedom for development and production
  9. Modern infrastructure thanks to renewable energy supply, LTE + telecommunications, road access and airport proximity
  10. Numerous German enterprises such as Bosch, MAN, Mercedes and many others are your neighbors

Further information can be found here (external website)

Fair and sustainable

Around the RFN industrial center your highly motivated and diligent employees are living. In the training center, they qualify for exactly the tasks you need them for. - By investing, you secure these people a sustainable perspective and acceptance by society. - A gain for all parties involved!

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